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Parent Letter from the principal

March 18, 2016

Dear St. Malachy Family,

This week is full of things that remind us what makes our St. Malachy community so great!

We have much to celebrate!

  • Report Card Conferences were Thursday and Friday of this week.  Parents, teachers, and students came together on Thursday and Friday of this week to celebrate student growth, to learn from one another, and to set goals for our students to work towards in the third trimester.  Our students are blessed to be surrounded by adults who love and care for them, and who push them to grow every day.  Thank you for your continued partnership!
  • Results for the mid-year Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) are in, and they are beautifully reflective of the hard work and dedication of our students.  As a school, we grew 24% faster than the national average in reading and 28% faster than the national average in Math!  This growth does not just happen by accident.  It happens because we have students who are working hard and taking on challenging work and high expectations.  It happens because we have teachers who work tirelessly, relentlessly, and creatively to help students meet learning goals.  It happens because each student has a team of adults at home who love and care for them, who support them, and who push their learning by reading with them every day, by checking homework, by asking students to think all day every day, and by ensuring they are at school on time and all day every day.
  • Our parents, teachers, and students work harder than any other parents, teachers, and students in the city.  We have grown so much this year, and we will keep growing!  We have big goals, and big goals require hard work.
  • Spotlight on our 8th Grade, who are showing themselves to be the leaders of the school by growing 76% faster than the national average for 8th graders!  We know they will continue to work hard, our teachers will continue pushing them to work harder than they have ever been pushed before, and you will continue supporting our work by reading and writing with them at home, making sure they get a full night’s sleep and are here on time every day, and never letting them give up on themselves, even when the work is hard, when school is challenging, and when the adults around them hold them to high expectations.  We will not rest on this success, we will continue to push them to grow even more by the end of the year, getting them ready for high school.
  • Attendance rates are a point of pride for us, and an indicator of your daily efforts.  In the months of January, February, and March, our rates were consistently above 90%.  Remember that our goal is to have over 95% attendance every day and no more than 10 students late.    We know mornings are an important time in school, and we appreciate your help getting your students here all day, every day, on time!


We have much to look forward to!

  • Our African American Celebration has been rescheduled for next Tuesday, March 22nd at 4:30pm due to last Thursday’s power outage.  Please join us to celebrate and learn from our students through music, dance, and presentations. Additionally, we will be celebrating our 2nd Trimester Honors Students and winners of our I Am St. Malachy Awards.  Light refreshments will be served.  All are welcome!
  • April 1st and April 24th are half-days for students with Professional Development (PD) for teachers in the afternoon.  The hard work our teachers do in these PD days are part of what sets our teachers up for success in driving student growth in the classroom.  Thank you, as always, for your flexibility and support regarding these opportunities.
  • On April 13th we will have a full-day of school for students.  This date was originally scheduled as a full-day PD for teachers, so please be mindful of this change.  Again, April 13th will be a full day for students.


Thank you for your support and prayers as we continue to focus our energies on our four Focus Areas:


  1. Student Thinking – Our students are actively engaged in reading, writing, and discussing the work all day. All students should be actively thinking at all times each day.


  1. High Quality Work – Our students do challenging work that puts them on a path to graduating college. This is work that requires higher levels of thinking.


  1. Urgency – Every minute matters: On the path to graduating college, we don’t have time to waste. We are obsessive about protecting instruction time for all students.


  1. One Team, One Dream – Each student is surrounded by a team of adults who will not waver in their love for that student and, because of that love, will never lower their high expectations.



As always, we know that “together we are better”.  If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact you child’s teacher, myself or our Assistant Principal, Ms. Rafferty.





Stephen Janczewski (Mr. J.)


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